Ground of Being focuses on the solutions, not the problems, of a comprehensive, constructive, respectful, and sustainable relationship with Nature. The project showcases the role of community development, environmental practice, and education as its core tenets. By utilizing these tenets as a compass for the examination of organic farming, co-ops, permaculture, renewable energy, water conservation, eco-building, and transportation. How does each facet inform the next, and how do we create novel solutions and tangible models to provide hope for Earth’s ecological quandary? By investigating a range of international, groundbreaking sustainable projects, we learn from environmental leaders community changes the way we live, but also how each of us can better our relationship with Nature.


    Global Beat Fusion explores the converging world culture being created through music. Based on Derek Beres’s book, Global Beat Fusion: The History of the Future of Music, the project travels to Brazil, India, Morocco, Romania, and across the US, talking with some of the most creative and loved musicians from each culture. Asking the artists why they make music, the personal meaning behind it, how it affects the evolution of their culture as well as the developing global culture. The collaborations between musicians from varied cultures bring humanity closer together, and as Global Beat Fusion suggests, also offers direct access to the soul of each culture. Globally, humans have never created, distributed, and shared music on the same instrument until now; the computer has become the first global folk instrument. From a sociological and mythological perspective, the speed and ease of technology offers a fresh and innovative trend with extensive consequences on our communication and relationships with others.


    As the final piece of the Mythaphi Manifesto, Open Source Reality hopes to empower each of us to recognize the full Human experience. Our stories have a bigger impact on Reality than we think, and by reclaiming our personal narratives we reclaim our collective narrative. Our model of history has been corrupted by "information pathologies" that have brought us to the edge of the abyss, the proverbial crossroads. So we ask, “how can we reconnect to an Awareness of Consciousness, our symbiosis with Nature, Celebrate existence through Art, and create a new Human Mythology from our shared intelligence. The documentary uses Joseph Campbell’s work on comparative mythology and comparative religion, Marshall McLuhan’s research on the meaning behind the symbol, and technological evolution to guide the narrative structure. Open Source Reality continually lives and breathes on its own, evolving through the contributions of the global citizens. We can harness our distributed intelligence to rediscover and reintegrate ancient knowledge that allows mysticism and practicality to exist in harmony.


    Aadii explores the nature of human consciousness and its relationship with changing life conditions on our planet. A relatively unknown theory based on research from the 1950s reveals a ubiquitous pattern in human development that applies at all scales. Whether examining an individual life or the evolution of the entire human species, common stages of growth and change dynamics are evident. The very same dynamics that take us from infancy through adolescence to adulthood are also visible in our evolution from hunter-gatherers to global explorers and space travelers. Just like a hologram, the entire story of our conscious evolution seems to be encoded in every individual’s life. At a time when humanity faces major challenges to the sustainability of life on Earth including overpopulation, food & water shortages, conflict, mutating viruses and climate change, could the key to securing our future lie in a deeper understanding of our own nature? The evidence suggests that a major leap in human consciousness is required to cope with these complex challenges. The seeds of this shift – the biggest change we have ever been through – were evident in data from the 1950s. It seems that we may have stumbled, just in time, on a road map for our greatest adventure yet.